Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Because...............

Just because you made me scrambled eggs.

    Just because I was Jackie Kennedy with a tablecloth for a veil.

    Just because I wanted to stay in my room with my books.

    Just because I liked the cardboard box more than the dress.

    Just because I was so bad at rummy.

    Just because I burned my hand and you yelled at me.

    Just because I loved eating raw onions instead of apples.

    Just because I saved the fuzz.

    Just because I wouldn't eat the chicken.

    Just because I cried at the little boy on the hill song.

    Just because you said I wasn't good enough for him.

    Just because I love lilacs.

    Just because I had the ugliest bangs.

    Just because I like the name Agatha.

    Just because I wanted to dance with Fred Astaire.

    Just because I hated grampa for dying.

    Just because left field is where I want to be.

    Just because I loved waxing the floors.

    Just because Boo and me will be buds forever.

    Just because I got a bike for 5 bucks.

    Just because the house made me sick.

    Just because I never got a little sister.

    Just because I made LaVonne drunk.

    Just because I question god's existence.

    Just because I get high on sweat.

    Just because I didn't want sis to hurt herself.

    Just because I wanted the radio back.

    Just because I didn't deserve the pain.

    Just because you liked Katy and Peg.

    Just because I hate the cold.

    Just because I love rutabagas.

    Just because Clio Road flooded.

    Just because the sunshine makes me tingly.

    Just because Norm and Willie were great.

    Just because I could fill a bag with fantasy.

    Just because I danced by the moonlight.

    Just because of red pop and Vernor's.

    Just because I didn't skip school.

    Just because I didn't steal the money.

    Just because I rode the bus.

    Just because I thought I was bleeding to death.

    Just because we got stuck in the mud.

    Just because in spite of or because of these, I am who I am and wouldn't be if not for you. I thank you and hope you finally have some peace in your eternity. Love is unconditional. Or it would not be love. Rest in peace, mom.



    1. This is lovely Jan. You wrote of her gifts to you brilliantly...

    2. Your card is beautiful Jan! I think it is a wonderful tribute to your mom !!!

      p.s. I went to Scrapbook Peddler a few days ago and they look pretty healthy. (as per business and customers) Of course I over spent buying DP, but sometimes I need to see and feel my paper vs. ordering it on-line. To me there's nothing like actually feeling the paper and seeing it up close and personal sometimes.[smile]

    3. What a beautiful thing to write.

      :) Marcia

    4. Sorry to hear of your loss, Jan. Beautiful tribute to your Mom. Take care and you're in my prayers.

    5. Beautiful card and words. Sorry for your loss, Jan.

    6. What a unique and amazing tribute. I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing. Best, Curt

    7. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom. Also love the bright butterfly card.


    8. Anonymous9:46 AM

      I just loved what you wrote for your Mum.How very true. Wish when we were young and she was doing ll the things for us we told her then. I am sure many will feel the same.


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