Saturday, January 31, 2009

Triple Holiday Bulbs

This is the last card in my cue. The stack of ones not photographed are still stacked. 38DD. No nudes. Honestly, I may get to them in time for next winter. So ground hog's day is coming on Monday. Got any idea of which way the shadow turns? One of my high school teachers was from Punxsutawney and he would go on and on about the boy hog. As far as I know they never use a female. Me, I use the smell off the compost pile. If I get a whiff from the kitchen door, it's ripe and warming up. If not, we won't have a nice hot day until July. Last year I had baby bunnies take shelter in the pile. Guess they hate winter too.

For this card I used a snowflake stamp and Brilliance blue ink on the mossy green textured piece. This shows up much nicer in real light. The background main card is deep metallic blue BTW. Three circles were cut from previously embossed dark blue paper that I rubbed a heat and glue pad on then dropped ultra fine clear glitter to coat. Using a die from Quikutz, I made the hanger thingies and glued them to the top of each bulb. I then attached a silver string to each and taped on the back of the green stamped sheet. Pop dot each of the bulbs where you want them. I do wish I had tied the strings to each bulb instead of taping to the back, tho. It would have given a little more dimension to the look. Tape the whole piece to the main card and stamp or use a rub-on for the message/phrase. There is a lot of shimmer to this card. I was just too lazy to get the good stuff out to highlight it.


  1. These ornaments are beautiful! I love the way you did them! Hasn't that silly groundhog only been right about 40% of the time? LOL About the same as are weatherman here! Best, Curt

  2. Pretty card Jan, the ornaments are a nice touch.

    :) Marcia

  3. This is a wonderful card, I really love the ornaments!

  4. Very pretty creation, Jan!! Hahaha about the compost... so how'd it smell this year?!


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