Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The only car I could look at and tell you it was a certain model is a "Herbie". The cool Volkswagens of the 60's are so unique and I have always wanted one. Alas, it won't be. We are third generation (and probably last) GM people. I am loyal to GM for cars and won't own anything else. And I don't want anything fancy, just my manual transmission and a keyless entry. I would LOVE heated seats (I never use AC even in the summer) but you have to order leather seats to have them. I don't do leather.

For the next few days, you will see cards made with car stickers. I so love these stickers as they look as if you colored them with Prismacolors. And they are pretty neutral, so if you knew a car buff who was girlie too, they would work. Other than the normal layers, this card has paperclips tied with sheer ribbon on both sides. It's a little hard to see on the right side as the card is so dark (black). Just for the record, these are ideas from Laurie at Jane's in Waterford. I think we all need to pull out our stash of stickers and use them more. I got one sheet yesterday that for less than two bucks, I will get 13 cards. Can't beat that.


  1. I like the paisley background.

  2. Great job Jan...that DP is perfect here (not too boring and not too fussy!).

  3. Love this! Stickers you say? Genius!!!

  4. What a great masculine card and the sticker does look like it's been colored, too cute.


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