Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snow Blows

The snow seems to have finally stopped. I measured 12 inches in front of the house at about 9PM. It took hubby three hours to navigate home from Pontiac on I75. Thankfully, he wasn't in downtown Detroit or I would still be waiting. He has a big old honking truck (I call it a semi) with 4 wheel drive and those little puddle jumpers were whipping right past him at 70 mph. So he blows our drive, we go get a sammy (I hate eating so late) and the plow has come thru while we are away. He can get in the drive but my Aveo will only sit on top of the snowbank if I try to emerge from the garage. I need to go to yoga class or I will go nuts. (Oh wait, I am already nuts-I need to go for my remaining sanity)

Something is missing on this card. Ribbon? Sparkle? I may take it apart and redo it if I come up with another idea. I used this same stamp here. Stamp the image on glossy with Versa Fine black. The gloves were colored with Copics . The nose and some of the stripes on the hate used Spica (also from Copic)and I used puffy paint for the dots on the glove. I also gently colored around the snowman in light blue which made him seem to have more substance and stand out. I layered the image in blue. The bigger piece of blue was stamped using Brilliance and a swirly stamp from Great Impressions. All this was layered on a plain white card edged with blue ink.

I need to finish my soup stock-I cleaned out the fridge and anything that was wrinkly but not moldy, went into the stock pot and I will have better broth than anything in the can. And it freezes well too. The doggies will be happy with the leftover veggies that are all boiled out-I may sneak a few bites myself. Stay warm people. It's gonna be bitter later this weekend.


  1. Perfect image for this weather! Expecting more snow (and wind) today...not as much as you, though. Yep, homemade soup stock is the best. Makes the house smell good, too.

  2. What a cute stamp! We got quite a bit of snow as well...why do we live in this area??? Oh yeah cuz it's better then hurricans or earthquakes!

  3. Wow - lots of snow! Stay warm!

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    I'll have to check my profile again - thought it was on there... :)


  6. Ok...I must had a dirty mind...the first thing I thought of was that this snowwoman was wearing a bra! Then I looked again and realized it was mittens! :-) LOL


  7. heheheh,this guy is too cute!!

    donelda sbs4

  8. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!Love your blog everything is great, but this one is just too cute, LOVE IT!!! Love your stories too!


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