Sunday, February 10, 2008

Magnetic Love Posts

I decided to stay warm tonight by trying to make something I had never made before-tortillas. I had all the ingredients (masa and water), a cast iron pan, a flipper and a bunch of time. I think based on how they look, I should have just gone to the store. The other day I bought flour ones and tonight I needed corn, so that is why I thought I could make them. They cooked okay once I got them in the pan, but they aren't round. I will be covering them with sauce for enchiladas tomorrow, so I guess no one will notice. I will be buying a press next time I am at a kitchen store. The rolling pin method sucked.
This again is a Stacey idea. We used some scraps of chipboard and covered it with 2 different pieces of patterned paper. Then each corner was rounded and the edges were sponged with chalky red ink. While that was drying, we punched some hearts and covered them with the same ink. I used a Trio tape runner to attach my ribbon across where the two papers met. Then I fake tied a bow and attached it with a snot dot. Glued on the hearts and taped on the post it pad.
Here is the back with a magnet and now it's on my fridge (even with no kids at home, I still have way too much crap on my fridge front and even the side). Old habits never die.


  1. What a fun little project. I love the colors you used to create it.



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