Monday, February 18, 2008

Crunchy Snow

Jackson is in and out so many times a day-to terrorize the squirrels who live in the 40 foot pines-that we are wearing out a path to the door. Here he is eyeballing the squirrel who had just jumped from the maple to the pine. The snow is so crusty, I can walk on it.

He drags his bowling ball all over the yard. I usually have large pots on the deck but he barreled over them so I had to move them for now to keep them intact. This is one crazy dog.Marley just hides inside beside me.

BTW-I won my first challenge! I was so surprised. You can see my entry here. I wanted to enter Allison's tree idea but I went thru all my recently finished cards, and no trees! I need to dig out some buckets and see what I can use that is eternal instead of seasonal.

Going to bed-the Fibro is making me not so happy these past weeks. I need heat and sun. Got any to spare?


  1. Congrats on winning the challenge. That card is so pretty and a definite breath of spring. Extra sun and heat...well, we have the sun, but not the heat. Should be enough to do some more melting of our snow, though.

  2. I am in the same boat.. omg.. we need some spring really bad.. We just keep getting snow and snow and snow.. over 16 inches!!

    have a great night
    Jessica Lynn

  3. brrr!! looking at all that snow makes me shiver! Your doggy and a bowling ball?!?! How many pounds is that bowling ball? Ain't his paws freezing?



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