Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It was not a serene day at all. I have an idiot family and I have no idea what to do about it. Then hubby's employer is making all the dependants of their employees prove they are entitled to benefits. I guess a marriage license and a couple of ulcers isn't enough proof! So I dug up every damn paper I could but we have so little jointly together other than our tax papers. But I filled the envelope full of documents and enclosed one very perturbed letter accusing them of invasion of privacy for demanding my tax papers.

To top it off, after I go to the gym to chill and maybe watch the game-a horrific accident shut down the freeway with no way out-barrier walls kept us on idle for almost 2 hours. I had to pee so bad and could not call anyone to let them know where I was-my phone fell under the seat and I could not reach it. I had Delilah to keep me company for the duration but no toilet. I fell over the dogs getting into the house trying not to wet my pants.

This is another Stacey idea and it's been getting raves. I used a folded card made from what looks to be mica card stock. I have some in every color but no idea who makes it. It's pretty rigid for card stock. So that black piece I stamped on was from the same company. I stamped the image using Versa Mark and covered with clear detail powder, then heat set it. Taking a sponge, I used Ice Blue Brilliance and rubbed the ink over the image to make it pop. You don't need a lot of ink, just smoosh it around. Then I took a Fantastix and White ink and rubbed at the bottom to simulate moon-lit misty snow. I wish you could see this up close as it looks so much better-too much light was bouncing off the colors. Deckle the edges.

This stamped and inked piece was then layered on mirror card stock-and only the bottom was deckled. I hope you cut better than me too. Layer this on the top of the folded card. Using a Trio tape runner, apply a piece of ribbon under the stamped piece after tying a knot in the middle.

Stamp the word serenity on the left using White detail ink and then punch a snowflake for the right using a scrap of the metal card stock. Or you could use a brad here instead. Use what you find in the scrap bin.


  1. Jan, that sucks that you were stuck in traffic, and with the outdoors being cold too. Glad that you made it home in time to pee.

    Your card....GORGEOUS!!!! I thought you had embossed in black on white cardstock, until I read how you did it. Outstanding!!!

    Thanks for sharing your day, and I hope it's better tomorrow. Love your beautiful card!!



  3. This is so beautiful! And don't complain to me about whole life seems to be fixated on this topic (gotta practice the kegels!).

  4. Man sounds like quite a rough day!
    Hope today is a better one!

    Your card is so pretty, love all the different techniques, I zoomed in to get a really good look!

  5. Beautiful card. So sorry about the challenges with insurance and getting stuck in traffic and needing the bathroom. Not fun (total understatement here). Thanks for sharing the card; it is, indeed, a serene image.

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Sorry about your day...but your card is absolutely beautiful. I hope it gets better for ya and enjoy the rest of the week.

  7. My goodness! This is absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic technique! Thank you so much for sharing! :D

  8. It must have been terrible stuck in traffic like that! I can't even imagine! I love this card! It's so beautiful and I can only believe it's even more lovely in real life. You put so much detail in your cards it amazes me! Gorgeous work!


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