Saturday, February 23, 2008

Confetti Flowers!

Look what I found in the bridal aisle at Micheal's! A bucket of pre-punched, embossed and "with a hole in the middle for a brad" flowers. They come in cream or white. Very shimmery and at least a couple hundred per bucket. The bucket is clear, so that will be another thing to alter, too. $4.99 before coupon. I am going back for the white ones tomorrow. Here is a link for the other color-very easy to color with Copics or chalk inks. There are also crystals and other items to match.


  1. ooh! I want 'em both, naturally! ... and I have to wait about 5 hours ... argh! thanx for sharing, oh master enabler!
    later, 'gator!
    - SueB of

  2. Jan, these are awesome! Thanks for the tip. I never go down the bridal aisle which just goes to show you that if one takes time to wander ALL the aisles at the craft store, you might stumble on some real treasures. Love the classic shape of these flowers.

  3. ha, guess I'm going to Micheal's tomorrow!! thanks for the heads up!!

    Donelda SBS4

  4. These flowers are beautiful Jan!!!

  5. I saw these too and thought of getting them, but I didn't. I only had a tiny bit to spend. lol! They are cute!

  6. Anonymous1:40 PM

    these are super cute! they sell them in many colors now!


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