Sunday, February 10, 2008

Penguin Dance

They better dance! Just to stay warm. It is so cold. How cold is it? My runny nose froze on my lip. Good thing as I didn't have a Kleenex. My shirt sleeve wasn't all the nice either as I had been tramping around the pet store sizing up dog houses. Only problem is, Jackson would probably eat the one I have been eyeballing. I got him a nice pillow for his cubicle (he has to go inside it whenever I am not in the room) and he ate it. There is pillow fuzz all over the family room.
So here we have a plain white card that I stippled with a sponge in blue ink. I had notes to tell you the exact color but my desk is buried (I did try to clean it off but too many jobs, not enough hands) Besides, you will use your own oddly named blue,right? So just wing it, okay? Take another scrap-this time some blue card stock (again, you chose)-- mine has a shimmer to it, and tear the bottom. Versamark some snowflakes on this piece. Take a scrap of white, and stamp your penguins or polar bears or snowman-use what ya got ladies. Stipple around your image (unless you want your image to have some serious skin condition, then stipple the whole thing). Tear the bottom. Take a piece of sponge and ink up the bottom edge (you can also run the ink along the edge of this piece if you want). Layer on the blue. Run a piece of ribbon across the bottom using Trio or some other thin runner tape and Scotch tape the ends in the back. Add a snowflake sequin to the middle and pop this all on the card front.

Color the image using Spica or other glittery pens. Add a little puff paint to the hats. Then crawl back under the quilts until it gets warmer. Brrr. I am off to the hot water bottle. Night.


  1. Jan,
    I just love your penguin card. Great colors and layout.

  2. Hi Jan!
    Your penguins are very cute and that color blue is pretty! I have to go to the store today and I think I will have to do a penguin dance also. It's freezing out there! Have a good day Jan.

  3. This is super-cute...stay warm!


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