Monday, February 18, 2008

Heart Flutter

I had fun at my bread making class yesterday. I forgot to take photos (I always take a camera but stash it away). We made three breads but I can't share the recipes (copyrighted) but if you want to know more about the chef/teacher, here is her website . She has photos up with all the major foodie stars that we all know, so she is not a lightweight. Maybe if you are near or visiting mid Michigan, you might like to make a day of it. One of the ladies in the class came from Cleveland. I saved the cheese bread for hubby (I think he is part rat) but the stuffed bread was to die for! I will make it again and have a photo then-I promise.

This was a fairly easy card to make. Using Bling for the base card, I edged in a chalky purple ink. Die cut a large heart from medium cream card stock and stamp with a heart border image until covered nicely. I used Great Impressions for this. Then I took a sponge and daubed the edges of the heart, smooshing a bit. I wanted a fuzzy look I guess (most would have just edged and left it-I did and hated it as it didn't fade enough). Punch a circle with scallops and a smaller one to layer.Stamp a birdie image and edge as above. Layer the two and then using a white gel pen, dot the scallop insides. Glue the heart on and then pop dot the circles to the lower right. Tie a ribbon remnant and snot dot it on the heart.

I stamped a message on the inside by using a scrap and also edging the piece with matching ink to the outside color. Taped it at an angle.This card has a very soft, 40's style to it. Pretty fast to make and an idea for assembly line card making.

Enjoy the winter break or work holiday if you got it. My hubby is back to the grind even tho I asked he take a day off (he gets 5 weeks-and never uses them all). I may stay home with the bad weather (ice and wind). And no mail! I get my fix (newspapers) delivered via the postal service. I will be scrounging the internet for my sports and political reads today.



  2. What a beautiful card!! Love the softness of the lavender and the way you added the white dots on the scalloped circle.


  3. Very pretty! I love the soft edge around the heart and the lovely purple :D


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