Saturday, October 07, 2006

I HATE Tying Bows and Knots!

I was so pissed off making this card! I had been given a small piece of handmade metallic paper that reminded me of leather. I knew it would look good on a guy's card. All the colors and pieces came together so well until I had to find a way to do that stupid piece of ribbon! I tried knotting it and using a glue dot. Wouldn't stick. I tried just laying it flat-looked flat. Finally I punched two itty bitty holes-which weren't even on the side-and then threading the ribbon thru it. The holes were too small for the ribbon. I was about to give up and I just said screw it and it laid pretty much flat. Some say there is a method to bows-upside down. I usually just make a mess and its a good thing this ribbon was on clearance!

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  1. I'm with ya there!! I hate tying bows and I've tried that upside down thing and it doesn't work for me. Now I see Amy and Taylor did videos on how they tie ribbons...makes it looks so simple! :o)


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