Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pages in Time of Lansing Closing

As I mentioned before, when a store tries to fake being full of product and then has crazy sales no one shows up for, the writing is on the wall. When I was recently at this store for a Triple Punch day, my daughter and I were the only two in the store shopping (one scrapper was at a table). There will be no scrap store in Lansing after this one closes with the closest being Ovid and from there you will have to visit either Flint or Farmington Hills (still several open but downsized). There is also Stacey's for stamping supplies in Fowlerville. Please check my sidebar for links.

Pages in Time info here .


  1. Hey Jan
    I live in Grandville which is right near the Jenison Pages in Time. They were once the superstore of scrapbooking here but at the start of the new year downsized to 1/4 of the store size they were. I must say that I never enjoyed going there. Although they've had lots of product, their staff was not very friendly and even more so - not helpful at all. If you asked them where something was they might point the way, but never took me to where the product was. With that much stuff in the store, often I still could not find what I was looking for and often left unhappy. Plus with a store this size they should be holding classes and demostrating the products they have. Times are tough and people don't have the money to spend, but when there is good customer service there will be sales. My opinion anyway.

  2. I lived in Reno, NV, until 6 years ago and it was that way there too! The only great stamp store they had closed about a year before I left, so its Ben Franklins, Michaels, and a couple of scrapbook stores. Even at that stampers managed to get their fix somewhere. LOL


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