Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh Happy Day

I think this was supposed to be a Valentine card but ya know, it would work for any celebration. Assuming you think it's a happy day celebration. Even a divorce is happy for a lot of people. Me, I would give this to sofa boy if he went to visit his sisters for a week at Easter. I NEED some alone time. Please!!

So a lot of my fav items are used on this card. Distress Ink from Ranger, Prima flowers, cheapo edging scissors, scraps of heavy weight paper/card stock, grosgrain ribbon. And a phrase stamp from Stacey's Sweet Stamps . Didn't I tie a great knot this time, too??

I always have a fun time when I make the trek to Stacey's store in Fowlerville. One of these days I am gonna figure out a way to teleport my way there. You would understand more if you saw the way I get there driving from Flushing. There is no straightaway point A to point B for me. I snake thru the back roads of mid Michigan ( because of detours and bridges being out over the years, this is just the way things are) but actually save over 20 miles of driving but it does take longer. No flying by the crow for me. But its pretty in the summer and fall (and I rarely go in the winter unless I have a driver).

So this is my sample for today, as I just randomly take them out of the folders and add them here. You may even get a Christmas card for Easter the way I am behind. So I am hunkering down for the blast of wind coming overnight. We still have plenty of winter left in my area-and all you peeps complaining about the heat already-SHUT UP!!!

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