Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meshed Love

I spent the better part of my night talking with one sibling trying to make sense to him and when that didn't pan, talked to the other sib to wonder why I am in such a stupid family. Nothing meshes. Hubby doesn't want me to contact sib one anymore-because he sees what it does to me. I am starting to agree. He has to want to take care of himself but at 39, mom coddled and he abused anything he was given. Mom is gone now. He has to grow up. And I have to turn away for awhile and hope something positive happens with him.

A simple card-ribbon, scraps, a couple of punches. Layers and pops. And the whole tie in? That single piece of mesh (click photo to see better). I haven't used it much since a couple of springs ago. For a cheapie substitute if you can't find it locally, go to Home Depot or Lowe's for drywall tape. It can be inked or chalked to match anything you have. Now go raid your scraps. I am gonna go raid the leftover Brussels sprouts.

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  1. Cute card...nice mix of elements. Never thought about inking up the tape (duh!).


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