Friday, June 13, 2008

Together Forever

I would like to thank all of you who stick around thru my ups, downs and sidles. I have a lot of things going on sometimes, and don't always feel like creating or even posting what I have created. Now I have several messes complicating my days and some are open for photographing and adding here. I just don't know how to create with sidewalk spittle and write about it. I think it was spit-maybe a looggie. Maybe a dead leaf. You decide.
This was at the Art Festival in Detroit on Saturday. Maybe this is urban art.Eww-maybe a flattened frog?

Oh, so now you really want some paper art? Okay. Below you will find another of my embossing paste and gilded flaked cards. I also used many a scrap in this. If you saw my scrap bucket-you might smack me for not giving you some. I just cannot throw anything away-even a piece of junk mail goes into this.
The dark teal card is a 5 x 5 square. It's textured as are all of the pieces I used for this card. I took the dark blue piece from a junk mail car ad (it was a non-GM car ad, so it was not something I was interested in at all). I used a brass stencil and translucent embossing powder. After it was dry, I used a glue and heat glue pad (again use the stencil as a guideline) and then heated til tacky. Take the flakes and tamp on using a stiff brush. Swirl the brush and it will take off the fly aways (save them!).

This blue piece will be your center image. I then picked scraps to highlight the colors that emerged from the flakes. Two were squares and two were oblongs. Distress the edges with a razor (do the blue piece too). Arrange them on the card in a manner you find balanced then pop dot that main blue image to the center. I added a rub on to the lower right-you could stamp here. To add a little more sparkle, I added some flower crystals I found in the dollar bin at Micheal's.

I imagined this as a wedding or anniversary card but with a little adjustment, could be birthday or thank you-it's not overly feminine, so play with it.

Now I am going to see whatever other weird photos I ended up with from my day in Detroit. I do have one almost creepy one-of a tree that reminds me of an octopus with one eye. Maybe it will show up here.


  1. Your card is stunning! I just LOVE it.

    Oh and my vote on the sidewalk "art" is a loogie! You just crack me up!!

  2. What a cool layout and I always love your embossing paste creations!

  3. I went to the Flint art fair this morning. Talk about inspiration?! There's a wrought iron plant holder that spins and includes a "teleidoscope" - the artist's play on words! I SO wanted to take it home w me! Gotta run and post my graduation open house post!
    later, alligator!
    - SueB

  4. That card is incredible. I need to try embossing paste. I love it with the navy.

  5. wow - very pretty. love that effect!

  6. Wow Jan, love how this has turned out for you. I think your right, it is the kind of card for those special occasions, and yet could be given for just about anything! Love it!

  7. this card is very pretty.

    i think you photo is of a snail that was stepped on? Or possibly a clam that was dropped on the sidewalk?


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