Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Stamps? Doodle Me In!

I said I was gone but I ain't, at least for this minute or so. Blurfing away and I came across this giveaway for stamps that made me laugh (not a good thing to do while snorting hummus and olives). So get over there and check it out.

That pirate penguin is almost as hunky as Johnny Depp and there are two other plates with funnies on it also up for grabs. Do you pillage at the site a bit.


  1. I did use the sizzix converter...and probably too many shims...I'm kickign myself for screwing up! Thanks for your recommendation. I need a lot of assurance! haha

    I've been buying Starving Artistamps the urban and fairytale sets from this doodle factory line! lOVE them!!

  2. I agree - what a cute stamp!


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