Monday, June 09, 2008

Biking My Fat Butt Off

I recently competed in a biking challenge at my gym. We were allotted 31 days and all the competition had to take place inside the gym unless you could show you participated in a sanctioned outdoor race. I was in the running and biking categories. I was first overall for the women (there were two age categories) and I did 156 miles more than my younger counterparts. I also ALMOST beat the guys. I had 10 miles less at 396 than the male leader. Had I known it was that close, I would have stayed another half hour on the 31st!
Here is my trophy-notice the plate is off center and my name was on the box (and no stand-it comes with a metal peg?). My cheapo gym really cut back this year as I think these come from a local dollar store! Oh well-going for a run now before it rains.


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