Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Autumn Leaves

I made myself leave the house today. Even tho my jaw felt like Rocky popped it and the Vicodin was making me toss my cookies (well, I hadn't eaten anything so I tossed the imaginary cookies I wish I had eaten), I got out into the sun for a while. I had to feed my rubbah addiction. It had been cold the last time I saw Stacey's place and she is in the middle of a massive redo of the store.

Stacey has three kids-boy girl boy and they are all beautiful but that little one Chase! OMG-I hope I am around to see him when he is in college. I told Stacey he is a mini Brad Pitt right now. I hope when I am in my 70's, I can still say hubba hubba!
Here is another embossed and gold leafed card. The same idea as before using a brass stencil and gold embossing paste. When the paste is dry, tamp on heat and stick glue, heat til tacky with a heat gun and then tamp on with a stiff stencil brush the gold sheets or pieces to your design. Round swirl the image to remove any extra flecks and save for later.

I then just added several layers to a plain card in colors of card stock I felt were pulled from the gold leaf. I used a small awl to punch tiny holes in the corners before attaching so the under layer color would show thru. It just didn't very well. That odd circle you see in the upper left-not an illusion. It's just my time honored tradition to spill something on at least one of the cards I make. I have a bad habit of not closing the pop topper on my water bottle.

You could add a rub on or stamped sentiment on the lower part under the tree or leave plain.

I have one more embossed card for you this weekend and then I am taking a long break. I need to refresh and get some actual work done in the next few weeks AND recover from this jaw surgery. I am only a third way thru it and it's been more than I bargained for-and the worst one is next time.


  1. Wow Jan...I just love this stencil!

  2. Wow, you are a trooper! Sorry about you having to go through jaw surgery, it definitely doesn't sound fun :( But I hope it's over soon!! Your card is gorgeous! It's amazing how you created it with the stencil and embossing!

  3. I love the card.

    Hang in there with your recovery of your jaw. I bet you'll be sick of pudding, milkshakes and applesauce soon!


  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!


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