Monday, June 09, 2008

Tealed Birthday

I guess you know summer is close when the skeeters are eating you alive, and the humidity is higher than the actual temps (93F and 100% humidity). I don't have curly hair but even mine was frizzing up. We have had 3 straight days of tornado warnings and a ton of much needed rain-but nothing compared to my hubby's home state of Iowa (where son now lives). They are nearing the record setting flood stage of 1993 and most of the state is under a state of emergency and flood warnings. My son spent most of the weekend working for his FIL keeping the water away from the people areas. He was wearing a life preserver and he wasn't even in an actual normal water area. Pretty bad. I hope someone got pictures.
This card used a little bit of everything. I started with a textured green card and punched corners in two opposing sides. I then cut a piece of blue card stock to fit and ran that thru an embossing cover. Popped it in the corners and made sure it aligned and then used tiny piece of tape runner to secure.

I had a piece of printed white card and stamped flowers all over. I then punched the corners on top using a corner and hole punch set. A stamped message was overlaid on the flowers in an opposing color.This was made to fit in a mini envelope (there are dies for this size or use a gift tag one). I edged the envelope in green distress ink. It was then pop-dotted on the embossed piece at an angle. I then hand tied a mini bow and added it to the front of the envelope. If you wanted, a gift card would fit in this envelope as would cash! Or a hand written message below the lip.

For a little more eye pop, I added a tiny pearl stick-on at the corners that were cut to hold the front piece. This made it a bit more elegant.


  1. A cute card the idea of an envelope on the front (gonna have to stash this idea for a Suggestive Sunday one!).

  2. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Very cute card! Hope the weather is holding up. I've just had rain...but I guess thats normal for me. :)


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