Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Downer Blog

I know, I know-it's been sad lately. I see I have had most of my readers and email updaters un-subbed. Such is life. I can't make a pretty every day. I promise the next few will be worth your staying around.

I will return and upload a "purdy" later tonight but I am gonna let the eye doctor poke me in the eyeballs (maybe that is why I am nauseous?). My contact lens does not want to stay contacted for some reason. At least I see much better with these ones.

The clouds are rolling in and the sun has disappeared. And so will I.


  1. you silly! don't let unsubs scare ya - I'd set up my google reader and have been unsubbing folkes left and right! it's a much easier way to keep up w my regular bloggers!
    later, 'gator!
    - SueB

  2. Just remember Jan, as long as there are people reading, you are adding value to their day! I love coming past and hearing/reading your honesty.


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