Saturday, June 14, 2008

Loopy Glitter Tree

I found something rotten in my cabinet where I keep the potatoes, onions, and other root type veggies. It smells so bad and honestly I can't remember what it was other than I got it at Whole Foods in May. I have washed and sprayed the shelf and it still stinks. Time for some baking soda I think. And a spray from Glade too. I have a very sensitive nose and smell things that others don't so if you walk by me and fart, I WILL know!
This is another embossing paste card and I think it was the first one I made. Not one of my favorites for sure. I was super messy and moved the stencil a bit while scraping the excess off. I just don't like to throw anything away, so tried to salvage it. I used white embossing paste and sprinkled it with sparkly fine glitter and then let it dry.

Then I just added several layers under the finished embossed piece-a thin silver piece on top of a remnant of home made cream, on which I distressed the edges and these were layered on a golden textured card. This is bigger than an A2, maybe an A5. I tied a golden grosgrain ribbon on the side and made it lie flat with the Trio.

I added some varying sizes of colored crystals but wish I had used something different. If I had filled each dot with a crystal , it would have been too much. I don't know what to add here-maybe dots of less fine/chunky glitter in another color? Any suggestions?

I really don't want to think of snow, Christmas and gloomy sunless days-give me the heat! OOOH-I hear thunder. Again. But the roofers are finally gone and good riddance to the noise!


  1. love that stencil. just the right amount of bling. :)

  2. I think this card is great!! Love the bling!!!

  3. LOVE the bling:)


  4. Your card came out very pretty. I think more bling would have taken away the elegance of your card.


  5. Jan, that is a great card. Love your comments about your nose, I'll keep them in mind!

  6. Love the color crystals on this tree.


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