Thursday, May 24, 2007

UHU Glue Roller Review

I got a free sample of UHU refillable glue roller this week. First off I have to say its one of the most comfortable rollers I have ever used. It fits in my hand very well and was easy to use. I am concerned it does not come with a cap for the tip when its not in use and I had to pick some cat hairs out of it several times. But cat hairs are the rule here as I have three bushy babies.

The package I received said permanent but it does not appear to be. I glue rolled several different weights of paper from simple typing weight to heavy Bazzill card stock and even after 24 hours, I could pull the papers apart. I wonder if I got a package that had the wrong item inside? I like this sort of runner for small items that are layered on cards. I don't think I would use it for huge jobs as I am not sure it would last as long because when I start to glue things down like I do, I can go thru one of this size in an evening. I like to glue all the edges and the middles unlike some who only tend to tack items down here and there. I cannot vouch for whether its actually permanent or repositionable but I would use this for some smaller projects.

I also got a glue stick from UHU a while back that is great for kids. Since I tend to have my niece or nephew craft sometimes, these are easy for them to use and last a long time. They are available in many office supply stores or even at Costco in multi packs.

I have also tried the all purpose Twist and Glue and while I love the size I am so messy with glues and prefer a tape or dry runner. I can say I like the feel of this runner and would buy it again if I knew it would always be the correct roller in the package. Sometimes I like permananet and sometimes not-just depends on the project! The prices are very comparable to other glue runner/rollers and might even have more footage too.

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