Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heart Break Hill

I am a runner. I am a slow runner. I will never qualify for Boston or any other race there is a qualifying time to meet unless its really slow or last place. I don't care. I don't need to burst a lung getting to the finish line just for hardware. I am happy to finish as I still can! Because of a serious illness, my left lung is only 80%. But it still functions and I still finish. I am a runner!

I recently participated in a swap where you had to make a card for an April holiday. I decided to make my card for the Boston Marathon. Technically, its Patriots Day in Boston but I don't live there and only know of the marathon. I have lots of friends who have run this race and one Mark Bauman, has done it for 38 straight years. That is pretty impressive to me!

I have enclosed photos of the outside and the inside of the card with the finish line. Heart Break Hill will either make or break you in this race. Here is a blog about the race. I originally has the phrase Heart Break Hill on the outside of the card but I cut if off and left the back of the card longer. I don't know why. But I like it better for some reason. I used toothpicks for the finish line poles and applied Glossy Accents to the banner and the race number on Ms. Runner. All that is missing is the giant piece of foil blanket you get wrapped in like a hot dog at the end!

In the words of John Bingham--Waddle on, friends.

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