Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feedblitz and Flowers

For anyone who uses Feedblitz for their blog emailed updates, they lost a server yesterday and you may not get any feeds. They are working on it but I just logged into my account after it said I didn't have one (but my name was displayed) and all 250+ of my feeds have been deleted or lost. It does still list the 12 I unsubbed from for various reasons. One yesterday was pretty graphic and had nothing to do with stamping/scrapping unless you plan to scrap a layout and send a card after graphically describing you bedroom wants/needs. I don't understand how anyone can post such graphic personal feelings online. That is more appropriate for a private blog that can be achieved by clicking a box in your account. I am not a prude in any shape or form but I sub to blogs for crafting ideas-and a few are food related. But that blog was inappropriate and all that was missing were actual photos-thank god. It had stamping-a while back-but took a turn from inky to sleezy, I think.

I hope I don't have to re-sub to all those blogs because I don't know that I can remember them all. Since it took me a year to find them all, it may take me a year to find them again.

Now the flower part-last week I did my rare grocery shopping and the deal was buy one bunch get one bunch free-so I did. I have them in a glass vase that is from Mexico. I am surprised the cats haven't eaten them or knocked them over!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. I have no particular plans except to pull weeds and dig in dirt. whoopee....

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