Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tim Inked

I hope everyone gets a chance to play with alcohol inks. Tim Holtz has some incredible colors in his line from Ranger. Since I made this simple card a while back, there have been metallics added to the line. I have several made with those but stuck them someplace and haven't found them yet. This card was the first time I used the alcohol inks and the fumes nearly did me in. As much as I love them I don't use them too much unless I have the doors and windows open. I am very sensitive to smells and I probably drive others nuts when I always ask "what's that smell?" as no one else ever is aware of it. I wont even go into how sensitive my hearing is either!

The Holtz line isn't the only one out there. Pinata makes some. I also remember this bottled ink called Silk I think a while back. I actually saw a lady use it on fabric with gold paint. I haven't seen it in several years tho.

This card is pretty simple and I only added the leaf as I had a scrap laying out and stamped it quick and pop dotted it. This card probably needs something else but I wanted to post it before I forgot about it. I like the wedgie look of it instead of how many times the colors are more meshed to where you can't see the distinct edges. I will post more detailed cards later this week-I need to actually get something done outside if it ever warms up and dries out.

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  1. Kelly7:35 PM

    Hi Jan,
    I work with Making Memories and read your wonderful idea re: ribbon storage. I'm working on an article for Scrapbook Retailer Magazine and would love to quote you on your idea (from your blog) and then borrow one of your pictures to reproduce in the story. Would you be okay with that? Please let me know as soon as you have a moment. I truly appreciate your help! Thanks so much,

    Kelly M. Mooney
    for Making Memories


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