Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Simply Congrats!

I found this in my stash last night during the game. It is all made from the scrap bin. I didn't realize how much was in my textile scrap bin until I decided to straighten that out tonight during the Wings game. Maybe I doomed them by not sticking to my normal routine which is balancing my checkbook and doing paper work. I went up to Stamp Image Studio in Fowlerville early for Stacey's birthday and to pick up some embossing powder and then got lost making my way thru a detour. How is it I can live somewhere for 50+ years and still have no clue where I am? The roads reminded me of the hills in Kentucky complete with shacks and trails of rutted dirt winding off to who knows where. The smell of manure was pretty strong as this is an area where there are mass plantations of trees for local nurseries. My doggie loved putting his nose out the window and taking a long whiff.

Anyways, this card is simple. I used a plain white base and positioned two different pieces of textured heavy card stock and overlapped them a bit. I then rubbed a white Colorbox pigment ink over it to give a little extra color. I used a Trio tape runner to hold down the piece of loopy braid. Note that the two pieces of heavy patterned card stock are not the same size but you can play with the measurements. I pre-printed on the laser printed several words or phrases to see which one I wanted to use. I cut the one out that I liked and attached it to the printed piece of card stock before attaching to the background white card with two brads-this was to hid the prongs from showing inside. I am kinda weird about having a cleanly finished inside for my cards and if I can't have it clean then I insert a plain piece of paper folded and attached on one side only to cover it up.

You could stamp you words if you don't have a laser printer but I was experimenting with some old sheets of acetate. They have some for laser, some for ink jet and some that work in both. The sheets that work in both are expensive. I have also used the small sheets that come inside stickers or rub ons or other embellishments to print on. And if you are careful, you can also emboss on them too!

What is nice about this card other than it took less than 10 minutes is that its good for almost any time you need a card to congratulate someone, male or female or any age. I think it's pretty enough even for a wedding card!


  1. Your card is lovely. I really like that you used the white ink to give it a whispy look. Not sure that is the right word but it is almost 3 AM and my brain is not functioning as well as I would like. Your right. Your card is pretty enough to use as a wedding card. ;)


  2. Pretty card! Very elegant!


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