Tuesday, May 22, 2007

To Be A DAd.

I haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy-had a wedding to see to and hope you looked at the photo I posted when I got back. My son will send more photos as soon as he can and I think I will post them at my other blog-the Eyeballs one. I need to keep this one as close to theme as possible.

Tonight during the Pistons/Cleveland game I was trying to organize all my cards by size and theme but I think I spent more time cussing the refs, throwing stuff at the TV and just having one big anxiety attack. The Pistons were so flat and probably should have lost except for a crucial mistake by LeBron going for the win with 9 seconds left instead of the tie. Plus Stevie Javie was a ref and he hates 'Sheed so it was amazing to me Wallace did not get a tech.

So I found some cards I made a ways back and am gonna post one tonight and then go to bed. I may be coming down with a spring cold as my throat hurts and my nose and eyes are itching and my chest is feeling a bit heavy. Well, my throat probably hurts from yelling ;).

This is a card I made last year. I had used the inner part of the D for some other project and it was probably around Father's Day. I used a stencil chipboard D and covered it in Bazzil paper. I remember using a nail file to get the corners nice and clean inside the stencil parts. I then tied a small piece of ribbon on the side. I think it was Chatterbox paper that was used on the top of the Bazzil paper card. It has a texture to it and Chatterbox makes all those wonderful room papers. I probably have one sheet (at least) of every one of them too. The saying was printed with a laser printer on textured yellow and layered on a small scrap of blueish purple. I didn't have anything that would match completely so this little bit of off color looks good. It is amazing to me how much olive and purple go together. I think I may try those colors next time I am looking for some casual clothing. I like t shirts with loose sweaters to pair up with jeans and sometimes want something besides red-my signature color.

I hope to get more items posted in the coming weeks. Hubby is going to China for a while for his job and I get to do whatever I want. I need to finish up a contest entry this week and I don't think I will enter anymore for a while or even involve myself in swaps as I am pretty much burned out with swapping at the moment. I put so much time into my swap items because I would never send anything I would not want to receive-but I have been on the bad side of swaps (swappers not following themes, sending wrong items or such messy ones, I give to my niece to play with) or not acknowledging my items for weeks and it does make me a bit angry that some will take advantage of you. I also need to up my mileage if I really think in November I will get a marathon in-I have narrowed the list to NYC and Chi Town as they are both drivable or train ride possible for me. I just need to stay healthy.

And keep an eye for blog candy coming soon. I have been gathering items and it's gonna be an essay question!

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  1. This card is great Jan! I love Chatterbox PP and have quite a collection myself. You did a great job using that nail file, one would never know that stencil didn't come that way.
    I'm going to China myself, in less than a week! YIKES! so much to do...


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