Sunday, November 01, 2009


I didn't make any Halloween cards. Maybe you will see some at Christmas or Valentine's Day. But this card might work. All the little girls who used to dress up in shimmery wafts of fabric always made me smile. Not so much for what they thought a princess would be but for what a princess means to mom and dad-a little ball of energy that is somehow fragile.

I did not see one princess tonight. My daughter never was a princess, either. Somehow we ended up with a costume for a Siamese twin fairy. She and Nicki were tied together in exact same outfits. Until Nicki lost her flighty fairy shoes in the creek. We never did anything truly mainstream, did we?

ETA: I stand corrected. It was Siamese twin Leprechauns. Not fairies. It was a long time ago in a time space far far away.


  1. What a fun card! We had several princesses here, and my favorite was the little girl who announced she was a "witch princess". I loved this...a little bit of bad mixed with a little bit of good. I could tell this 4 year old had a mind of her own!

  2. Funny. I was just writing about those siamese twin LEPRECHAUN fairies yesterday, too.

  3. Wow...your card is super duper cute Jan! Your image is beautiful and colored in beautifully! Come to think of it, I was never a princess fir Halloween either. I wanted to be but mom would end up buying something reasonable.
    p.s. (I guess with 5 kids, she had to bypass all the frilly girly stuff) In the end, I was glad to have a costume at all:)


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