Monday, November 09, 2009


I finally sent off the graduation card I should have sent last June. My niece Lee in Iowa graduated and is now off on her own making her own dreams come true. I think the first part of her dream is making herself a walking piece of art. The cool thing about that is everything always compliments it. So no decorating mess ups. And you carry your portfolio with you.

This card is kinda dorky. I think I made 5 graduation cards in the last 10 years. So it's not something I stress for creativity. It was quick, unlike me. I was slow. I hope you like what was inside, Lee. I actually still have one stamp left-for my taxes in December. On my swamp.
Lee-if you see this, send me a photo or link to your tattoo on your arm and shoulders. That is so intense. I love it. I'd love to put it here for others to see.


  1. Lovely...nice and simple! That stamp is ideal for grad cards esp. with the added stars!

  2. Your card is beautiful Jan! The graduation hats are awesome!


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