Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Update on Stacey's Store Closing.

So back a couple of days I told you about the bestest stamp store closing. I went up to see Stacey tonight using my trusted GPS and to pick up some stamps, card stock, and a ribbon or two at great prices. And to get all the poop. Now as sad as this seems to be at the moment, maybe this store closing is a light out of a dark tunnel.

Stacey has some ideas up her sleeve including maybe a studio for herself that is truly organized and where she can find something at the drop of an ink pad. She will have the area she needs to be at the top of creativety and use the items she has but can't get laid out without planning a 4 hour tour. And maybe, just maybe have a design team and some new stamp images drawn by talented peoples to play with.

She may also have an idea for a class-roomable area for small, intimate classes of 2-4. That is the kind of class I like for making art. Especially as you won't feel rushed or freaked out by a new technique. This will be somewhere in the future after she and her Sweet Stamps and her family and that big ass travel gas guzzler thingie make a tour thru the south including Texas and Arizona and Denver thru Chicago and be coming back to the spring of Michigan (I hope so anyways) in March. Guess who will miss all the nasty weather of Michigan (won't be me unless Stacey adopts me :P )

For the time being, she has terrific sales at the store, so please take a look if you are in the area in the next week or so. Check the website for hours and days open. Anything that is left is going up to Birch Run for the Deer Widow's weekend on November 13-15th. Shopping only ticket price is $5.00 and you will have fun. Then go over to Uno's across the street and have some pumpkin soup.

I will keep you up on anything new and cool, because I think there is something fun and prosperous in Stacey's future and she is gonna share it with us when she is ready. Michiganders may be down for the count right now but we are tough (except for me and my whining about the weather), so wish her luck. Now go ink an stamp and make a card and send it to someone. Glitter rules.

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