Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take Care

Is there a card out there that could possibly work for someone who has terminal pancreatic cancer? I mean, you can't very well send a "get well soon". You would look stoopid. I sent this, a tin of teabags and a gift card for Amazon. She is out and about but is no longer going to chemo. Life sure is unfair, tho.

This was stamped with Rubber Stamp Tapestry peg stamps, a charm from the dollar bin and some gems from the same. Scraps from my never ending paper bin.


  1. Terrific creation for a crappy situation. I think it fits the bill perfectly. Love the image panel.

  2. This is a very sweet card for such a sad situation. Your card and gifts are so thoughtful and very sweet. I'm so sorry for your friend. She is lucky to have you. Best, Curt

  3. this is a very sweet gesture..the least that can be done..the image panel is very well done..would love a closeup view if you still have the card!

  4. Your card would brighten anyone's day Jan!


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