Thursday, November 05, 2009

HO HO HO-Send A Card To Noah!

Some of you may have heard about little Noah, a young boy from Michigan. His family is requesting Christmas cards as they are celebrating early this year. Noah is very ill and may not make it to December 25. Noah's story was carried on the local Radio and TV . The address listed is an alternate. Cards can also be sent to his home. I ran this thru Urban Legends to be absolutely sure, and that info is here with his home address. Please send him a card if you can. I am sending the one below to him.

I heard of this today from the owner of the Paper Hollow in Troy, where I have shopped before. Her link is in my sidebar. Please help bring a smile to a beautiful and brave little boy.


  1. Great card for a great cause.


  2. This is so sweet...what a great mix of elements (like that blingy tree) for this card!


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