Saturday, November 28, 2009

Basket Case

I found this post under drafts. I must have forgotten to hit publish. Another step toward losing my mind.
Well, I did CASE this card. So the title fits,right? But I kinda feel like a basket case sometimes. I have been whacking myself wondering how I missed the cat being sick. Since she tended to do her own thing and never really interacted with the other cats and dogs, other than stealing the dog food, I didn't see her much during the daytime. At night, I fed her, yelled at her to stop digging at my wood trim and chased her down the steps (her big butt sounded like elephants on the stairs). Once in a blue moon she came into my bed to sleep. I think she was the ribbon thief, too. Most nights she explored the closets, drawers, trash buckets, toilet bowls. But Nebbie was a talker. And a kisser. Spencer doesn't kiss at all. I need a kisser kitty.

Three people have gotten sick that I know of who were at the wedding on Saturday. SO I am dealing with being sick. Of course. No way I could be let out of that. So put me in this basket, cover me up, with something to make me sneeze and I will hang out until it all passes. I have some pretty cool friends on my blogs, so this is a cyber thanks for being there. Or here. Or where ever I is.

I think this stamp is from Great Impressions. I know the glitter on the flowers is Stickles. Yes, Courtney, I used the Stickles. I am going to Stickle until I die! Scraps, and my crapbook bin provided the rest of the story.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I've been having the cold and fever on and off and can't figure what the heck's wrong with me. my DH just got diagnosed with tonsillitis and he hates medicines, something his mama instilled in him. But if he won't take meds, how the heck is he supposed to get better.

    I'm sorry about Nebbie. Sometimes, we think we should have seen things, but we don't. Can't beat yourself up for that. Just take rest.

    I wish I had some stickles. Though I love the glitter you sent me..I feel if I use it up, I won't have anything left!!!

  2. Jan, I hope you feel well soon. Such a bummer being sick. Your using scraps has inspired me to get mine organized; I'm knee deep in scraps of paper as I sort by color, but much better than the two boxes of scraps not being used collecting dust. Should toss a lot of it, but I can't. You just never know when you can use a small piece of something; I hate waste. Get lots of rest, juice and vegetable soup.

  3. cute card...hope you feel better soon. thanks for the comment on my rip atc. i was thinking of doing just that tonight!!!

    can you email me? i have a twitter question!

  4. A really pretty card and I like the colors too!

  5. Hi Jan,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Our weather is terrible, one week it is summer and the next week fall is here in full force!
    Drink plenty of fluids and stay snuggled up!
    Your card is very pretty! Your color combos, DP and image are beautiful!


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