Monday, April 09, 2007

Local Stamp Kit Contest

I don't like to show off my cards. I usually show them to my daughter or my niece and sometimes my SIL, but for the most part, I just make them, save them or give them away with no fanfare. One of my two favorite stamp stores was recently sold and I am gonna miss Jane a lot. But Laurie is still there and she is incredibly talented.
So someone came up with the idea at the store to make up kits with card stock, ribbon, vellum , a plain white tag and one stamp. You then bought a kit and made something out of it to enter into the contest. I decided to bite-just because I was bored and thought this was a way to get creative and also to see what others will do, too.

The kit drove me nuts. For one, you HAD to use the dark pink piece of card stock for the base of your card. I made up some cards-about 20 I think-to get the prototype I wanted and none of my favorites used pink as the base. It always looked better with the dark green. I went to the local scrap store and tried to duplicate the exact colors so I would have enough to play with-and then somehow the original pieces got scattered in my pile and I didn't remember if there was white in the kit other than the tag. I still don't know.

Here is my final submission above-we were allowed to use any inks we wanted, pop dots and Stickles. We also could use one word stamp, which I thought meant a ONE word stamp, but really meant one worded stamp! I did think it was unique to turn the tag and vellum envelope upside down instead of using as a pocket. I also stamped on the vellum ever so lightly and edged it with ink, too. I did the same to the tag for depth. I cut out a bunch of the daisy stamped images and layered them with pop dots. The scalloped edge-did that with a corner rounder. I have them in three different sizes, and this was the medium one. While I liked this card, the next photo is actually my favorite, so I have to find someplace to submit it. I stamped the yellow piece with the flower image and then took the pink piece and sliced it for the ribbon to weave thru and then tied the ends into bows. The stamped flower is on top of several layers of squares. This was an easy card to make and so versatile too.

This is another variation on the same theme-but the green background card seems to look best to me. I have tons of others similar but haven't uploaded them yet. One actually used the new Bling paper from Bazzill and another used the card stock from the Spring Pack of Die Cuts with a View.

Here is the link to the store website where there is a photo of all 14 submissions, and mine is number 5 across the top and the one I know will win is number 8 in the middle. This lady exacto'd all the leaves on her card. When I first looked at it, I thought it was that neat . ribbon from May Arts that I used a while back on a flower card

I know there was 20 kits sold and that was the maximum amount of entries that were possible. But only 14 entered. From what I gather, a few were a bit intimidated and didn't want to enter theirs. I used to feel like that ,too. But the only way to learn new stuff is to try and we all know there will be some better, some worse and some in the middle. Mine is a middle -just like my birth order. And I think that I am the most creative of all my siblings, too. I am looking forward to the next contest and hope more submit theirs too.


An added comment to this posting-the winning card is up at the store site listed above and it wasn't the one I thought would win! I am flabbergasted and really would like to see how many votes were cast. I guess those with the most daisies win in this case. It's a pretty card but it was not even in my top 5. Even mine wasn't in my top 5!


  1. Good for you for entering! I would have much prefered the green as the BG too, but you did a fantastic job on ALL of the cards you made! You were very original with the vellum envelope, and inking the edges made it stand out more. I like the scallop edges too.
    Too bad you couldn't enter the green BG card--it's my favorite!

  2. Your cards are stunning. I enjoyed looking at all of them.



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