Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucky Me! I Finished My Taxes!

I am the biggest procrastinator. I always get a refund but I put it off and stew over them. Every year they get more complicated. For the first time ever, I had a capital gain. I usually sell stocks I sour on at a loss or the companies go bankrupt or some other stupid thing. In October 2006, Micheal's went private and I had 100 shares. I had only paid for 25, but the stock had split twice in two years. So I had a small profit. I miss getting the dividends tho. Anyways, there were three different forms to fill out for making a little bit of money and Uncle Sam took more than his fair share. I almost didn't get a refund, except I was a bit more generous this year with donations and I didn't pay attention to the fact hubby made a lot less this past year as he got no raise or bonus-oops! I was going to use the refund to buy a new garage door and some new trees/bushes for the yard, but alas, there might be enough for one or the other.

So I decided to make a card from some scraps. I wanted to make one with an evil gesture toward the IRS but didn't have the right stickers or stamps. I did not stamp on this card. I used rub ons and some cards from a mini deck I found at the Target Dollar Spot. I edged all the pieces in black dye ink. I think the rub ons were called Aladdin so its kinda reminding me of a casino marquee-even tho I have never been to a casino. I can't go because the MAN took all my money-so I will wallow in my stamps and cards.

Happy Friday the 13Th everyone! May all your days be lucky!

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