Thursday, March 08, 2007

Frosty-Now Go Away!

This is made from a die cut I got in a grab bag a long time ago. I cut the snowman in half hoping to maybe make another but I wasn't really in half-more two thirds. The other part is in my stash to work with later. The card itself was really simple. I used a small scrap of snow flake paper for the background, layering the snowman to the side and adding arms and facial features. I then tied a small piece of fiber for a scarf. But snowman really had no dimension to him. So out came the glitter from Great Impressions. Normally I would have used Stickles but I wanted something more like snow. I uses the Heat and Stick stick I got last time from Stacey's in Fowlerville. Placing it strategically where I thought snow might glisten on a fresh snowman, I added some enhancements.

To make the lacy snow on the bottom and on the top of the vellum, I found this really neat ribbon in white, black and red. I glued the white and then ran the Heat and Stick lightly over the top and added some glitter. Presto! Newly fallen snow!

Now that I have posted this card, I hope all the snow melts and Frosty here goes away for a long long time. I am ready for flowers, thunderstorms, my dog peeing on my hostas (not really but he thinks it's his job) and going to the gym in the daylight. Don't forget to set your clocks this Sunday.


  1. Wow a beautiful card! The elements just coordinate so beautifully, and I love that ribbon.

    And I'm ready for Frosty to go away, too!

  2. Cute Card Jan! Thanks for posting on my blog. I liked hearing about your swap. Send me your email so I can add your name to the drawing :-)
    Happy Creating!

  3. Hi Jan! Thanks for leaving a post on my blog! I don't think you have a crappy blog at all! I actually think it's quite nice! And I know what you mean about the 15 posts a day. . .I'm lucky if I can get 1 day, and I've only had mine for a week and a half or so. It's still new and exciting! :) Well, I hope you feel better soon! Take care!

  4. Hi, Jan -- Great card!

    You won the blog candy contest on my blog -- come back and email me from the link on the right side with your address so I can send you your goodies!

  5. hello! I am just letting you know that you won my blog candy last week and I need your address so I can mail them out to you!! You can e-mail me - Thanks!

  6. What a clever idea to cut frosty up and use him twice! Although this is a super pretty card (especially with all the sparkle!), I too can't WAIT for the snow to be gone! Bring on spring!

  7. cute card jan!

    hey, you won something on my blog...come claim your prize!!


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