Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome Little One!

A lot of people have had babies or are expecting soon and I like having some cards on hand that can go for either boys or girls. This is one I came up with but I made a mistake making it, so it's not quite what I wanted. On the top piece where the eyelets are and the ribbon runs between them-that was supposed to have 5 eyelets but I glued down the piece before I used the Crop-i-dile and then could not peel it off to redo it without tearing it. So I came up with this.

Originally, there were going to be 5 across the top and 5 directly below it. And then I would have tied the different ribbons between the sets up and down into bows. Maybe this is better after all. I also added one pink and one blue itty bitty diaper pin so again, it would be good for either sex.

All papers were from the scrap bins and the flowers were some cheapie ones from Micheal's I took apart. I have a huge jar of buttons to chose from and almost threaded a bit of ribbon thru this one but left it naked. I think it would have been a bit too much with it added. I like how the plaid paper reminds me of the edge of a baby blanket. Takes me back-to the woobie!

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  1. Love the big flower and all those ribbons...I'm becoming quite the ribbon addict myself! :o)


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