Saturday, December 30, 2006

Crazy for You

I love locks and keys and the hinges on doors. I grew up in houses that didn't have the locks and keys we use today. We had skeleton keys for every door and most keys worked in every door-so why bother to lock anything??

So for this card I wanted to make door hinges-at least that is what I started to conceive. I think these look like hinges-but they aren't the ones in my head. I used my score-it board to fold over the flap on the side. If you look really close, the top hinge has a score-it mistake I ended up covering with paper that looks painted like a door. I only had a small piece of this card stock and had to preserve or change my colors.

I rarely make square cards-they are costly for postage. But this one would not have looked as good had it been a long card and most definitely would not have worked as an A2. The hinges wrap around to the inside-luckily I didn't think it needed to be covered inside-it was very neat and tidy. The rub on was from a sheet left over from some other project. I would have used a stamp but was just too lazy to walk up the stairs. I made this Christmas Eve. Still not in winter mode.

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