Monday, December 25, 2006

Overlaid Message Trees

I recently took a Hero Arts class. This was the first time I tried stamping on acetate (transparencies or overheads). I think the directions for this card were backwards. We were instructed to stamp on card stock for the trees in two different colors and then line them up across the card on top of the red card stock.

The acetate overlay was then placed over the top and then we stamped words on the acetate to line up with the tree shapes. It made much more sense to me to stamp the words on the acetate overlay where I wanted the trees and then position the green trees under the overlay-to line up perfectly. As you can see, I did it according to the written instructions with the kit-and it didn't turn out great. But, hey! I tied that bow pretty good for a change. It was easier to work with than grosgrain ribbon. Maybe the clue is the finer the ribbon the easier to tie!

I am going to make more of this type of card because its so neato-but I will try my way instead and see if its easier and neater too. Either way-hubby says he has a whole box of laser printer transparencies I can have as they never use them at work anymore! Can you spell FREEBIE???

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