Friday, December 22, 2006

The Frosty Trio.....To Warm Your Heart

I totally CASED this idea. I just love the simplicity of it and it was so much fun to make. Under this paper and card stock (the sides are plain blue-and there is duplicate set of snowmen on the back) is a simple Styrofoam block. I glued the paper all around and then carved out a hole for the tea light candle on the top. I then cut out a square the same size as the sides, making sure to match up the stripes. I punched out a circle for the paper to fit over the candle and then punched another circle to fit over that but used the square piece and made the outside about a 1/4 inch all around to form a ring. Glittered that up really nice and tapped it down. Cut off two stripes from the leftover red card stock for a border.

The snowmen are so easy-just one inch circles, which I drew goofy faces on. Hand cut some carrots for noses and then glittered the faces for reflections of snow. The other side snowmen have rosy cheeks, so you can decide if your snowmen are just getting warmed up or are truly frozen! The blue half circles which the snowy guys are poised over - is just that-one large circle cut in half!

Now remember-you CANNOT light this! You will make a bad mess, a bad smell and its very dangerous. Its just a cute thing for your desk, dinner table or a place setting. Enjoy!!

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