Monday, January 01, 2007

Joyfully Using Up the Remnants!

This is a CD case book I have been working on. Its still a work in progress.I have been de-casing all my Cd's and either giving away the crystal cases or donating them to Goodwill. But I kept the cardboard ones because they can be recovered or painted into really cool booklets for photos. I used three cases for this-gluing the fronts to backs and then making an accordion spine so it would easily flip back and forth.
The above cover used some paper from Creating Keepsakes. I would never have purchased this paper pad if it hadn't been on clearance for 75% off. So for my experimental first book, it worked fine and happened to match the stickers I had in the scrap bin. One thing I will never buy again is this satin ribbon whose manufacturer escapes me. The edges would not cut nice-the cutting pulled the fibers and just made such an ugly edge. It was expensive too-per yard was 2.99. I liked it because it was double sided. Ah well, live and learn.

Each pictured inside " page" has stickers, tags tucked into pockets and tied with ribbons and any stamping done is using CTMH acrylic stamps. I sanded all edges to give a worn look and used a dusting of glitter wherever I needed a little sparkle. I also edged any mats using Tim Holtz Distress Inks.

I am still mulling ideas for this book as I consider it only half done. I want to add some poetry to some of the mats and maybe some more fibers. I still have several pages not pictured here which were not photographed clearly. I may post an update when I get it finished. I was hoping my son and his fiance would have taken some pictures for me to add of their first Christmas together in Iowa but they had a very laid back holiday as they are saving for a honeymoon in Italy!

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