Monday, December 25, 2006

Missing and Confused

I should be making Christmas cards-but I am not in the mood. I don't know why as I have all the bits and pieces laying out on the table. Maybe it's the lack of snow-maybe it's the lack of sunshine. So I decided to make valentines. At least that is what this started out to be but ended up a more everyday card. I have the damnedest time tying small bows. My hands go one way the ribbon usually ends up in the cat's lair. What is the secret to bows?
I love using rub ons when I am in a hurry or rut. This might have said I love you or you are the one-but I decided to make it a card for anytime. Maybe at Valentines Day, I will make Halloween as it seems I am so out of sync right now. All of the papers came out of my scrap box-I have avowed to use up the scraps as much as possible because its getting way too full. So is anybody missing me tonight? Nope.

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