Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Does NOT Have Conjunctivitis!!!!!!!

I was supposed to be making Christmas cards this week-but for some reason, I started making Valentines. I knew I had to make at least one card using a SU set to stay in my Yahoo group. So I went digging in the bin in the bedroom-and found glitter rub ons. And a remnant of black Bazzil washboard card stock. Dug some more and found this Santa and the words stamps from Stampin' Up. Still I wasn't sure how the black card stock was going to look, until I laid it out. Interesting, I hummed to myself. Certainly not traditional. So I assembled and stood back-and I liked it! I really really liked it!

I showed it to hubby who barely looked. So if it doesn't have blood and war and bombs, he just isn't interested. Oh, it didn't look like a football either. I knew there was one person who would tell me the truth. My niece Kayla who will be 10 next week will either love it, hate it or give me another idea. I met her for supper at Bob Evans (20 minutes to get water-two hours to get and eat a salad?). And we went over my whole new stash of cards I had been working on. I let her keep the one I was unhappy with because she liked it. She said she was inspired to go home and create herself. And this card got the thumbs up!

Now, just to clarify-Santa is not suffering from some awful eye infection-its just the reflection off the Stickles. SO he isn't contagious and is safe to visit the kiddies this weekend!

Have a wonderful holiday season with all your loved ones. I am hoping to find a tofurkey to roast with my rutabaga and watch basketball all day and maybe go for a run if the weather isn't icy.

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