Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bad News for Local Scrappers

The wonderful little store that closed a few weeks after Thanksgiving with a promise to re-open in a more viable place is not to be. I had not heard anything for quite a while so I contacted Paula and she told me there will be no grand re-opening.

Paula thought she might try making up kits (older Maya Road paper and books) and selling them online from the stock she has left over but honestly, the kits we can buy online are usually so cutting edge that leftovers will not go over enough to make it worth her time. She could just make up grab bags and sell that or hold a yard sale locally after the weather is good. Most people today want what is new and hot (I admit I am the same way sometimes).

Her store was cute and I enjoyed shopping there (after having a dickens of a time finding it for months-sorta a warning sign, right?). My entire area is so economically going to hell, and with a possibility of another local GM strike looming next week or so, it may be time to turn off the last light bulb on the way out.

I will leave her link in my side bar (Paula's Pickles) for another month or so and see what happens. I have bad vibes on a few more that are listed but maybe they are in better area's and can weather the storm.

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  1. That is too bad about the store, I just found a great one in Salt Lake City the other day and they are closing, at least I got their when everything was 35% off right? There was a really great one in Park City, UT and it closed about 3 months ago... so sad. Thanks for stopping by my blog loving having vistors and your quirk isn't so quirky I don't do it but have thought I should. Take Care!


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