Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Dollar Goodies are Back!

Target has a bunch of ribbon, ink pads, paper packs, stickers and acrylic stamps-most in baby or young kids mode but if that is your style-go for it. All in the front dollar spot.

Joann's dollar area had pads of paper in 5 x 7 size for drawing, sketching, acrylics, and a pad of palette paper (waxy on one side) for one measly buck. There was more down a bit-some stickers, ribbon and other small items but I grabbed the paper-perfect for stamping and background painting! And on clearance in the art department was my favorite-vellum Bristol pads. I cleaned 'em out! 50 % off most of it.

I may go to the other side of town and see what the other Joann's has tomorrow if hubby had a workable car (his ABS went out after he got it back two days ago from the accident-I am sure it's related-so long as it ain't on my insurance). On-Star told him it was safe to drive it tho. Not with me in the car! No sirree.

And for anyone who uses painter's tape for holding your brass stencils in place (I do), in the home improvement area of Target, they had two rolls for 1.48 (normal is 5.00 a roll) plus a dispenser on clearance. I won't need any for a while!
Remember, use that 50% off Michael's Coupon that expires tomorrow-Saturday at 9PM. If you didn't get one and see this early enough, I can email it to you. Let me know.


  1. So kewl!! Thanks for the info!

    ~Hugs, Deb

  2. Great deals! I like bargains too.

    PS I'm with you on the ABS- I wouldn't be driving it if it was my car!


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