Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On The Beach

One of my favorite movies ever is On The Beach When this flick was initially released, I had just turned 6. I actually didn't see it until it was shown on late night TV in 1963. The themes in this movie were probably too much for a 10 year old to truly grasp, but I sat in front of a 12 inch black and white tube truly stunned. I have always credited this film and The Day The Earth Stood Still with initiating my love of movies with a "message". It's satisfying for me to know I passed that appreciation on to my daughter, who was often my movie seat companion growing up from an early age. Someday I hope she does the same to the next generation, but I do wonder if the theatre concept will be replaced. The most profound films in recent years that I have seen are in a wide screen movie theatre presentation, and often I am the only person watching.

Would it be asking too much to have a secluded, clean and warm sandy beach to sit upon and muse about this week? Every year at the Crim 10 Mile Road Race the last Saturday in August, if the temps are high, humidity is high and they red or black flag the event, we have a decent September. As if we were prized with an extra month of summer. This summer was nothing like that. It was cold in spring, so gardens went in late. It was cold and wet in most of July, and I can count on my hand the truly hot days of August. Crim morning, 51F. Last night, it was the third night in a row I have covered the tomatoes from frost. It's September friggin' first, people. I want my money back on this summer season.

Let's pretend this little girl is looking out from Mackinaw Island toward the mainland. It's Labor Day weekend and school starts on Tuesday after. She wants to stay and eat more fudge. The bike trails are sadly turning to golds and reds as fall creeps in. One more day of sunshine, one more day of daydreaming, one more day of reverie in the past, until next summer.


  1. September is my favorite month. Here in Utah, the weather is starting to head to the 80's (hurray). I have always wanted to go to Mackinaw Island. This little girl stamp is a perfect image of the last days of summer. Sounds like I should rent "On the Beach". I read the novel in middle school in the '70's and loved it.

  2. A pretty little scene Jan...loving the clouds in the BG. Still warm here but it is so fleeting that I am just going to enjoy it for now.

  3. I remember "On the Beach" very well. I was born and raised in California and visited my father in San Francisco twice a year as part of my parent's divorce settlements.

    The scenes of a deserted San Francisco creeped me out as a young man and I too appreciated the message.


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