Sunday, September 06, 2009


The kiddies go back to school and it suddenly gets warmer? Talk about cruel and inhumane. I say revolt and stay at the beach a few more days. I will get one more dog bath in to show these mutts who's boss and then let the fleas off the hook until spring.

This is a digi stamp I messed with. I do like the font but anyone could make up a phrase and box it in. Someday I hope to digitize the drawings I made in high school of sports figures. It was the only way the guys were remotely interested in me. I could draw them in their finest muscular presentations and I could keep a box score. And I could pinch bunt. I was just one of the guys.

Good day Sunshine!


  1. Cute card!! Can totally relate being "one of the guys". But they were fun to hang out with, no

    Tammy M
    SBS4 Sister

  2. I love the bright sunshiny day card - TFS - and I'm a fontaholic so create logs of my own sentiments.

  3. Love sunny and happy! One of your best as of late...

  4. OMG...I have totally been missing out on your beautiful cards Jan!
    I love your colorful DP om this card, so cheerful and fun! The card below is truly beautiful as well!
    I can't believe how warm the weather has been lately either! Except for the first day of school, the kids have been wearing their shorts to school. It is way too warm for them to wear the school clothes at the moment.
    Take care and have a great day!


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