Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I wanted to let you know of a horrible seller on Ebay. She goes by the name POBOX161z. I have been in contact with several others she has wronged-one was weeks late and another never received her items. I contact her every other day and she refuses to answer my questions. I then contacted Ebay/Paypal and complained and they told me they would contact her. Still nothing. I just now tried to contact Ebay with another compliant and they say they are working on it and it's been a week. In the meantime, another person has left neutral feedback and I sit here out almost $50 bucks. I just emailed the seller again and informed her I would be posting to my blog, Facebook and Twitter not to buy from her. She has now made all the craft auctions private and you can't see what others are getting-but she still is listing auctions. I initially bid on some punches and lost. SHE sent me a second chance at my lower bid. I now believe she NEVER had the items. She is just listing the same auction over and over. I wonder if her name is Kelly.

I hate to do this but I am not going to let her get away with fraud. I hope she is banned.

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