Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am going away for a while. I thought about leaving my blog set up to post some cards but I honestly don't have time. I now know why I don't like to go anywhere. It's because I have to do all the work. It's not a vacation for me in any sense of the the word. So I leave you with this card titled Loopy. I am feeling that after digging up dirt the dogs peed on and killed everything that previously was so beautiful. I have wash going, garbage ready to hit the curb, dinner cooking to finish up the fridge stuff, a cross town trek to pick up pint boy, and gas up, dog to drop off, and on and on and on. Sofa slug is sleeping at 7PM. I hope you get the picture of why he has that name. Anybody got some Valium I can borrow?

This is a card run thru the Cuttlebug and embossed using a stencil. I then sanded it. I also used a Nestie. The layers are sanded and popped. Fast, simple and uses up some scraps. If I return and don't need admission to the looney bin (that might actually be a vacation!) I will post again. If I sneak out on I80 somewhere between here and there, it was nice. Hope you miss me. At least someone should.


  1. Hi Jan, good luck with getting ready for your trip. I totally know where you are coming from; I'm so exhausted from getting ready for a trip that I don't really enjoy being away until about Day 3. Great card; love all the texture on it.

  2. Sorry it is so exhausting. I also hate to travel. Once I'm there it's fine...but getting there is difficult. Love the card and all the layers/textures you used!

  3. Hugs n' Smooches... be safe and try to have fun!!! You BETTER come back... Love your loopy card, I've never seen that CB folder before....

    Big Hugs,


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