Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cat Gifts

I have two cats . Both are head cases. Since my Loki left us a few weeks back, both of these fur shedders have been in my bed crying all night. I know Spencer misses Loki as they would snuggle and Loki would bath her (she however, would never reciprocate). But they made it work. Loki was the token male of the cats but was the most maternal. Go figure.

Nebbie however, is a strange one. She is actually my son's cat. He found her in a dumpster and she is gorgeous, but when he moved to Iowa years ago, he could not take her or her brother initially, so I had them both. Then they winged west for a bit. However, several moves necessitated them being broken up. I took Nebbie back and Drako (a very aggressive castrated male) went elsewhere. I lost track of where he is or if he even IS. At that time I had 5 cats. Crazy cat lady, right?

Here is Nebbie giving me the Bronx Cheer.


This stamped image looks a bit like Nebbie. At least the fat part. She will eat the dog food, the cat food, the soft treats, the plants, plastic bags and whatever else she finds. And if it's not fresh or piled right in her bowl, she wails. I mean WAILS! Like you have cut her gut out.

I colored this image using Prismacolors and Gamsol. The layers were all scraps. This ribbon has wire in it and it does fold nicely under the layers and stays put with just some tape. Penny Black stamps just make you smile not matter what your mood. They are now available in both wood mount and acrylic but I still prefer the wood mount for the best crisp images.

A close up of the colored image.


  1. WOW Jan, Nebbie is beautiful!!! You are a crazy cat lady. I want to be but in our city we are only allowed 3 pets. I am at the limit. I would LOVE to have more. I just LOVE cats. They're such fascinating creatures!!! They are in fact the craziest people!!! LOL TFS your story!

  2. Super cute Penny Black card...sweet coloring!

    Funny story...I was telling C that this blog was by a lady I knew in Michigan. She then said "Why does she look like a cat?"...ha ha!


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